Quebec City

So there it is, my first official post on my blog. Right now there probably isn’t much functional (I’m working on it) but I’m still trying to figure it out so it’ll get better as it goes (hopefully).

I wanted my first post to reflect as much as possible what I want this blog to be about which I guess is a mix of fashion, lifestyle and travel so I thought this was the perfect way to inaugurate… I went for a quick weekend visit to see my family in Quebec City, I am from there originally but now live in Toronto. I had not been in a while and it’s been years since I actually walked around and explored the city. I hadn’t set foot in Old Quebec in even longer so it had this strange feeling of foreign and new again. If you’ve been you’ll know what I mean when I say the architecture is gorgeous. You really do see the French influence in it. I never really took time to actually look before so when a friend mentioned it to me my answer was I guess… I mean when you live

somewhere your whole life it tends to lose its charm doesn’t it? But this time I was camera ready and wide eyed and I can really say that it is true.

I went in the old town with my sister and we really only had 2 free hours to spend so I thought it would be best to go straight to the waterfront by the Chateau Frontenac so this is where most of the pictures were taken.

For this trip I did a little refresh of my wardrobe, I haven’t fully yet switched to fall wardrobe in Toronto as the weather’s been quite warm but Quebec was a lot cooler so I had to upgrade. I went for an all black outfit because, well you really can’t go wrong with black. I used to stay away from black and only wear lots of colors, but my wardrobe has been getting a little upgrade in that direction because of my work’s uniform and I’ve been enjoying more and more the look of an all black outfit.

Jacket – Forever 21 // Sweater – HM // Jeggings – Dynamite // Shoes – Aldo